Hunter Wild was a video game designer and entrepreneur in Houston, Texas, before pursuing a degree in philosophy at the University of North Texas, which he received in 2008. After marrying his wonderful partner the following year he began to draw and paint prolifically with no art training or education and with no external impetus, largely focusing on watercolor on plastic. When this proved unrelenting he enrolled again at UNT for a degree in drawing and painting but became quickly disenchanted by the program, withdrawing after the first semester to pursue his own directed education. Within the first few months of epic studio sessions, often consisting of 90 hour weeks and the occasional 40 hours straight through, he had a number of group shows displaying his abstract watercolor on polypropylene work. Still an autodidact, Hunter Wild previously anchored himself as an experimental watercolorist with a penchant for colorful, existential abstraction, but has since been engaged in a subtracted figuratism and, more recently, a riskily substantial transfiguration of traditional Chinese landscape painting. As Pierre Soulages said, “It is what I do that teaches me what I am looking for.”


Hunter Wild currently lives in Muncie, Indiana.

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