Hunter Wild at ‘Art Takes Paris 2013’ by See.Me

Hunter Wild, Art Takes Paris

Sign up, vote, and help me win $10,000 and an exhibition of my work in Paris!

I’m intensely excited to be a top contender for the People’s Choice Award in the ‘Art Takes Paris’ art competition put on by the See.Me artists’ network. Emily K. from See.Me says, “[Hunter Wild] is one of the highest voted in Art Takes Paris for the People’s Choice Award, and we want to keep it that way!” You could change my life in the 20 seconds it takes to vote for my paintings. I’m incredibly close to achieving the People’s Choice Award, and your vote could literally put me over the cusp. Please don’t be shy! I could really use your help.

Hunter Wild at ‘Art Takes Paris 2013’

I would be exceptionally honored and grateful that you share this with your friends and family, whether by Facebook, Twitter, G+, email, or even reblogging it. Thank you so very much for taking this seriously and, as always, for enjoying my paintings.

Linus Gallery’s “Body Image”

Hunter WIld at Linus Gallery's "Body Image"

Hunter Wild at Linus Gallery’s “Body Image”

Two of the works from “Astride the Whisper of Chaos” are now on display at Linus Gallery’s “Body Image” online exhibition. Take a look at the other terrific artists and figurative pieces that were selected.

Art Takes Times Square 2012

I’m participating again in an Artists Wanted open call. This time it’s for a presentation of my art on a large scale in New York City in Art Takes Times Square 2012. I’m presenting some entirely new pieces from ‘The Verge’, as well as some of the best from ‘We don’t have to think like that anymore’. You can participate in the judging of the competition by clicking the “Browse and Judge” button on the Art Takes Times Square main page. Make sure to collect my portfolio to help me onto this massive stage. Additionally, if you collect the winner you have a chance of winning “a $5,000 dream weekend in NYC.”

(Art Takes Times Square 2012 homepage)

The Stride

After two months of lulls, minimal inspiration and no direction, I finally hit my stride again. I’m working on a new series unlike anything I’ve done before. I expect that many of these will be on display later this month through November at two locations on The Square here in my hometown, Denton, Texas. Follow me on twitter, @SkewUp, to see photos of works in progress.

Hunter Wild at Art Takes London

The submission deadlines for Art Takes London are closed, and I’m in. Swing by to visit my profile, and make an honest vote. It counts toward a people’s choice award and does not affect the judging. Chocolate frogs for everyone who votes! It was a little beastly trying to write the optional text part of the submission. The restriction was 2,500 characters…CHARACTERS. The first round of writing, for the initial submission deadline of June 1, took six hours of trying to distill my bio and, more importantly, my statement of my overall project into as few words as possible, which still turned out to be way more than would fit in the text box. By the time I finished, I realized that it sounded way too dry and clinical. Fortunately, they extended the final deadline to the 7th, so I reworked the whole thing yesterday and made my final submission. Swing on by and vote what you think about it.

I Don’t Paint What I Discover; I Discover What I Paint.

I sometimes approach a new series with an intention of what it’s going to express or achieve or even look like, but the paintings never ever turn out consistent with that intention. What I discover after I’ve painted is usually something profound, something that changes my thoughts and identity in some way. There’s usually a quality in the series’ that is an expression of a current element of my identity, or an exploration of a problem or issue with which I’m dealing at the moment, but that comes through regardless of my intellectualized intention of what the painting or series is going to BE. There’s a great feedback loop, where what’s painted is certainly coming FROM me and is strongly connected to who I am, but I discover some part of myself in the painting, something that wasn’t intended and something I didn’t even know was present. My own art gives me a lens through which to view myself and the world in a way that is otherwise impossible. And beyond that, it seems to push through new ideas and WAYS of viewing myself and the world. In this way, I don’t paint what I discover; I discover what I paint.