2 thoughts on “Astride the Whisper of Chaos 4

  1. I love your work. I found you through your See.Me art takes Paris competition entry, and I have to say you’re imaginative, experimental, whimiscal style really captivates me. And self taught too! Wow. You are my inspiration. I am self taught too, and your story makes me proud to be so.

    • Thanks a lot, Alexandra! I’m a little scattered and juggling a lot of things today but I’ll do my best to look at your work, too. If you have any specific comments or critiques and criticisms for my work, feel free to let me know. You and I, being autodidacts, might find it less common to get commentary on our work as opposed to those schooled in art who spent years with in-class criticism. I know that’s certainly true for myself. Hope to speak to you soon!

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